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ANNOUNCING MY NEW SPECIAL!!! The weekday Nooner. Do you find yourself hungering for more at lunchtime than a plastic tub of yogurt? Why not try the Weekday Nooner? A whole hour for only $100! You must call at least 30 minutes ahead and you must get here between noon and 1 pm. This is for the guys living and/or working down town. You get a full, unrushed hour, as always. Come 3 o'clock the rest of the guys in your workplace will be dragging their asses. You'll wonder why everyone else looks so tired and bored. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.                                      Shemales...we make cock sucking COOL!


  OK class. Who can tell me the difference between a Shemale and a full Transsexual? That's right! Shemales love their cocks! It is the cruelest of ironies that the one thing you really want from a TS is the one thing they hate about themselves. Does that sound like the makings of a hot encounter to you? Non-op MTF transsexuals(that's a mouthful. why do you think we call ourselves Shemales or T-girls!), we LOVE that you love  our cocks. So always go with the 100% Genuine Shemale!

   So how many times have you visited my site? 5, 10, 20 or more?Honey, I don't bite(but biting is an option!).  You know you don't want a man. Now you know you may not want a TS. What to do? Where to go? T-Mommy Val has all the answers to your questions( it's hanging between my legs).

   I live in an upscale condo conveniently located one block from the Eaton Center downtown. Come and visit for an hour and leave with a better understanding of yourself.
  A bit about me: I am 6' tall and look amazing in 5" heels. I am 170 lbs(the implants are 7 lbs so actually i weigh 163!) of toned muscle. Silky hair, soft skin and hands,long nails and beautiful 38C tits. I have a lovely,thick, uncut 7 1/2" of Shemeat for your enjoyment.
   I love what i do very much and i am well aware of the responsibility I have in seeing you across The Bridge of sexuality. I love kissing. Let's face it, it all starts with a kiss to get your juices flowing. Some chill music, incense, a great view and my genuinely friendly manner ensure we'll have a great time.
   I love to give bareback oral(is there any other way?) and I love to swallow my creamy reward.
   Here are just a few things my clients have said about my oral skills:
               "Wow,that's deep!"
               "Will you marry me?"

      Nothing is going to happen that we haven't talked about and agree on together.

   Fucking-  I love it! I am mostly a bottom but i can top when the mood is right. If getting fucked is your #1 reason for seeing a Shemale, i won't take your money because I can't guarantee it will happen. it might but it might not. Having said that, clients 5'9" and under tend to get me in the mood.
   I LOVE your turn ons, kinks and fetishes so please don't be afraid to talk to me about them. I never judge anyone and i am up for most things. The 3 things I do not do are 1. Scat  2. My pain(other than a smack on my ass) 3. My restraint. Everything else is at least open to discussion.
  Since i am very bisexual I love couples and single women(women say it's like getting fucked by a hot gay friend...times 10)

    I like red wine and am 420 friendly.

  Gentlemen: I have seen cocks from 2"(poor thing) right up to 14"(POOR thing!). As long as yours gets hard and shoots hot cream we'll have a great time. I love cock but I love men just as much.

    You pay for my time not a specific act.
        $150 for a full, unrushed hour
        $100 for 30 min.(includes everything except fucking)
  I am usually available from about 11am until around midnight.
        $300 for a couple for the evening(about 8-midnight)
       Outcalls are to downtown hotels only and are a minimum of 2 hours plus cab fair.

       It is best to contact me about an hour before you'd like to see me. And, of course, blocked calls are ignored.
  I DO NOT like haggling. These are my prices. i don't care that it's your birthday, you are a student or it's your first time(MOST of you are first-timers). If you try to talk me down you will be blocked. Permanently. If price is your first and only consideration then perhaps you are better off trolling the streets.




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