T-Mommy Val
Come explore my darker side 'Mistress V'

Welcome to Mistress V's Institute of Much Correction and Confinement! Do you lament the fact that you've been bad and have yet to pay the price for such behaviour? Well now you can and will. I am Mistress V. You may address me as that or Ms.V or Mommy(or anything else I instruct you to call me). I am a statuesque, intelligent dom with a caring,nurturing side that is tempered by my menacingly nasty side.
  During my 8 years in the army I learned to lead men; men who chose to be where they were. During my 10 years as a Registered Nurse I learned to comfort those who did not choose to be where they were. My services are always carried out  with a deep sense of where I came from and where you are. You can talk to me; without communication there is no hope for the incredible ordeal you dream of so often.
   What do I offer? Whether you are sticking your big toe into the deep end of a new lifestyle or you have been doing this for years I offer something for everyone. First we'll start with a nice chat in  order to find out how bad you've been and what level of punishment you should receive and then we will begin. Confident,demanding verbal orders will get us both going. You will strip away your clothes and any hopes of a stay of your sentence. Light touches will become a little heavier. Restraint will be used,from mild to wild, in order to carry out the punishment. Manacles, spreader bars, ropes,a hood, ball gag  and maybe even earplugs. If you choose to do so beforehand you could be encased,cocooned, in plastic wrap. You will be deprived of some senses while others will work overtime. Now you will begin to confess your transgressions and pay dearly for them. Outside you may be an elevator repairman or a CEO but,in here, you are nothing more than a plaything to be punished for your wicked thoughts and deeds. Perhaps the feather that was tickling your distended nutsack has been replaced by my long nails or a sharp spur, rolling around your sensitive, laid-bare corpus. Your only reward for enduring this be might be my riding crop against the back of your thighs. Or worse. My soothing tones,whispered in your ear, will belie the contempt I have for you.
  I have many tools and other accoutrements at my disposal. Handcuffs,ropes, neck collars, dildos, even electric stimulation, all administered with the conviction that we both know you deserve it. Your limits will always be explored and respected. When it is all over there will be time to "cool down" and reflect on both our roles.
  FEE- an encounter like we'll have cannot simply be done in an hour or less. As such the minimum session length is 2 hours long at $200 and additional hours are $100.
  I have a nice condo in the downtown core. You will feel welcome and safe at all times. You may contact me by phone or email( I do not text with subs). My services are usually offered between the hours of 11am and Midnight but arrangements can be made for other times.
Need I tell you that discretion is assured? Leave your cares and troubles behind...because you will have a whole new bunch to focus on!
      I look forward to making our encounter as enjoyable(and as uncomfortable) as you can  possibly stand. Mistress V
        647 856-1924 (blocked calls are ignored)   valerieblackhart@hotmail.com
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