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Hello, boys!


I'm the perfect cure for a first timer

I am now in my 7th year! I must really love my work. Lol. Yes, I do. And isn't that what you want? When you contact an escort you feel like asking, "How much is it to make you enjoy it?" You know what I mean. Well my enjoyment is part of the package. I enjoy all my encounters and I want you to feel that so you can have the best possible encounter.

Most gurls work as escorts because they have to. Some, like myself, have always aspired to be a Great Hooker. And it's not about the money I charge. Unfortunately my landlord won't except blowjobs as rental payment. Other than that you couldn't pay me enough to do this...if I didn't want to. And so many don't want to. Which would you like to be a part of? Call around and see if all you find is vacuous gurls who charge too much and deliver very little


How much and what do I get?

Announcing my new and easy pricing: It is $160 for a full hour.

Arrangements can be made for multiple hours or overnight visits(better than a hotel because you get sex in the morning!).

Those are my simple and reasonable prices. You will NOT ingratiate yourself with me by haggling for a lower price.

An hour usually includes a chat, kissing and making out. Lots of titty play(that's what they're for!). I suck bareback and I happily swallow. You are welcome to suck me and I love to get fucked. Basically we can do all the things you DON'T do with your gf or wife!4


Location and Availability

I am located in a lovely new condo at Dundas st east at jarvis. Amazing view! It's about 7 minutes walk east of the Eaton Centre. During the daytime you will have to search for parking but, in the evening, it is more plentiful and free after 9 pm.

I am usually available from Noon to Midnight. I can be a little earlier or later by prior arrangements